WRM Journal No. 4, Vol. 8

korica casopisa vol8 no4The Fourth issue Vol. 8 of Water Research and Management was published on 20 April 2019. Our thirty second issue contains the following contributions:

  • Phytoplankton Community Structure in Artificial Salty Lake Near Kikinda City
    Predojević D., Trbojević I., Pećić M. and G. Subakov-Simić
  • Physical, Chemical and Biological Indicators of the Jablanica River Water Quality (Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
    Golub D., Lolić S., Dmitrović D., Dekić R., Šukalo G. and S. Cvijić
  • Transboundary Pollution of Water and Analysis of the Case of Pollution of the River Spreca
    I. Bjelica Vlajić



WRM Journal No. 3, Vol. 8

korica casopisa vol8 no3The Third issue Vol. 8 of Water Research and Management was published on 1 February 2019. Our thirty first issue contains the following contributions:

  • Torrent Flood Defense and Protection of Water Management Facilities from Sedimentation in the Republic of Serbia
    S. Petković
  • An Innovative Model for Adaptive Water Sharing to Overcome Scarcity and Meet Environmental Management Targets
    G. Edeson
  • Bridge Deck Runoff Water Quality Modeling - The "Gazela" Bridge Case Study
    Krstić K., Đukić A. and Ž. Vasilić
  • Exploring Approaches to Fresh Water Storage and Uses for Irrigation in the Salinized Southwest Coastal Regions of Bangladesh
    Huq H. and K. Md. Bahauddin

WRM Journal No. 2, Vol. 8

korica casopisa vol8 no2The Second issue Vol. 8 of Water Research and Management was published on 16 October 2018. Our thirtieth issue contains the following contributions:

  • Correlation Analysis Among Selected Parameters of N Transformation in Kovin-Dubovac
    Perović M., Obradović V., Petković A., Vučković T., Obrovski B. and M. Dimkić
  • Sustainable Treatment of Waste Sludge from Municipal Wastewater and its Agriculture Use
    Biljana Jordanoska Šiškoska, Valentina Pelivanoska, Momčula Jordanoski, Ziba Resmi
  • The Bioaccumulation and Translocation Potential of Some Aquatic Plants
    Snežana Branković, Radmila Glišić, Marina Topuzović, Vera Đekić, Marija Marin
  • Comparative Analysis of Bivalves Diversity on Experimental Spat Collectors
    Ines Peraš, Slađana Gvozdenović, Slavica Petović and Milica Mandić
  • Ecological Potential Assesment of the Uvac Reservoirs Based on Phytoplankton Communities
    Marija Pećić, Ivana Trbojević, Dušan Kostić, Marko Marjanović, Dragana Predojević, Gordana Subakov Simić
  • Water Quality of Some of the Belgrade Water Springs and Statistical Analysis of Nitrate Concentration
    Violeta Cibulić, Sanja Mrazovac Kurilić, Vladanka Presburger Ulniković, Luka Ivančajić, Novica Staletović, Maja Trifunović, Lidija Stamenković

WRM Journal No. 1, Vol. 8

korica casopisa vol7 no4The First issue Vol. 8 of Water Research and Management was published on 23 July 2018. Our twentyninth issue contains the following contributions:

  • Distribution of Chemical Elements in Surface Waters from the Crn Drim River Basin, Republic of Macedonia
    Vasilevska S., Stafilov T. and R. Šajn
  • Geological Milieu of Potentially Toxic Elements in Groundwater: Case Study of Dubravica (Braničevo District, Serbia)
    Rajković M.B., Stojanović M., Milojković S., Kaluđerović L., Vukadinović M. and J. Popović–Đorđević
  • Biodiversity Specificity of the Mlava and Krupaja Springs - Proposal for Conservation Measures
    Veličković T., Antonijević A., Petrović A., Radojković N., Milošković A., Radenković M and V. Simić
  • Novel Method for Selection of Ranney Wells for Regeneration Based on Hydraulic Modeling
    Mitrinović D., Pušić M., Anđelković O., Zarić J. and M. Dimkić

WRM Journal No. 4, Vol. 7

korica casopisa vol7 no4The Fourth issue Vol. 7 of Water Research and Management was published on 15 January 2018. Our twentyeighth issue contains the following contributions:

  • Surface Water Quality Monitoring in Transition from Detecting Problems to Supporting Water Quality Management and Implementation of EU Water Framework Directive – Example of Serbia
    Marjanović P., Vulić D., Ignjatović L., Marjanović M. and D. Kostić
  • Estimation of Coinciding Flood Discharges in the Extended Area of the Sava/Danube Confluence Applying Different Approaches – Proil Model and Copula Method
    Prohaska S., Ilić A. and B. Pokorni
  • Assessment of Flow Periodicity of the Danube River and its Major Tributaries in Serbia
    Simić Z., Milovanović M. and M. Melentijević
  • Water Balance Components and Performance Indicators Uncertainty Reduction - Požarevac Waterworks Case Study
    B. Babić
  • Scale Modeling of Tarzout Dam
    Starinac D., Vojt P. and D. Mladenović

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